Alexis Bulman

I Have Been Straight Freaking

The anchor piece of the Life for 20¢ exhibit is finally ready to be hung! 
The panting is 7’x 4.5’ and spent the last month and a half rolled up in a bundle in a hot car in a parking lot of Halifax. It was the only option I had for this large painting to make it back to P.E.I in time.

I have been straight freaking. What if the heat in the car would 
unglue crucial areas of the painting? What if I don’t get enough time off work to build and stretch this painting? What if the car was stolen? What if the car thief was also a big art collector and he stole my painting instead of the car and sold my paintings to a super famous art gallery and I would be an admired artist for ever and ever?

Yesterday was spent building a stretcher and stretching the painting. There is very little damage.

Opening reception @ The Guild, July 3rd, 7:00 pm-9:00pm. 

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